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Business Expenses App

Notes, manuals, receipts, proposals, contracts. These are all documents usually filed away in a folder, or even several, placed haphazardly in whatever briefcase you happen to be carrying with you. Ponder this:

Scenario 1: You are going out to a client to deliver a sales pitch. Traffic was a mess and you are running late. You open your case and rummage through it to find the correct proposal. Seems you grabbed the wrong folder from your office and now you sit there and have to make up the pitch on the fly. The client is quite unimpressed and to hook this one there will be a tremendous amount of work ahead.

Scenario 2: Same client, same sales pitch. You pick up your tablet, browse to the correct slide show, sit down next to your client and begin the presentation. Client is impressed and with a swipe you directly email the contract and the next day it arrives to your inbox electronically signed.

Which one would you prefer?

ExpenseIn provides a business expenses app that, using cloud-based technology, helps keep your business’s processes efficient and your employees’ claims in line with company policy. But there are other great apps out there that also work for better business practices.

Take a look at some of our favourite apps for digitising your documents:

CamScanner: scan documents and convert to PDF. Store on your device or upload to a cloud. With the paid version you can also convert images to text via OCR. Throw away your old rolodex and scan business cards directly with your mobile device for safekeeping.

Prezi: make a slick and professional presentation. Skip the traditional and boring Power Point slides and create an animated and story-driven proposal that leaves your client in wonder.

HelloSign: makes signing digital documents a breeze. Attach an electronic signature to your documents, legally binding (European Directive (EC/1999/93)) and with bank-level security.

Waze: community-based navigation app. Find your way to your clients with the help of this app. Receive alerts from other drivers about police controls, traffic jams or accidents.  Always find the best and fastest route to your destination.

The adoption of smart technology offers companies all kinds of key benefits in competitive, contemporary markets. Our business expenses app will save your company man-hours and unclaimed expenses, while these other popular business apps can also make a positive contribution to your company’s organisation and cost saving.

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