Boosting Staff Morale – 5 Suggestions

If you have ever worked at a company where the employees are unhappy, you know how impactful low morale can be on both productivity and the bottom line. Staff do the minimum work they can get away with, they often call in sick. Tweeting, sloppy work too many cups of tea are all symptoms of unhappiness in the workplace. Just installing a ping-pong table may not be sufficient to boost happiness and morale, but there are other ways of keeping everyone more engaged with and passionate about their job:

  1. Offer staff-development schemes. Courses, even if not directly job-relevant, show your staff that you are interested in their development, and that you want them to grow as people, not just as employees. Allow ample time for training, and promote inter-department interaction.
  1. Implement flexible hours. Studies show that telecommuting and flexible hours have a huge impact on, specifically, the millennial generation, who may even reject job offers without them. Studies also show that having the option to telecommute increases an overall sense of wellbeing and happiness.
  1. Create a great company culture. Have a company party, activity or anything that allows employees to interact in a more relaxed environment. This can increase comradery and creates tighter bonds between staff. This is especially true if the company have several departments with little interaction in-between. A more familiar feeling in the workplace makes most people happier – and motivated.
  1. Invest in technology to improve productivity. Some tasks will always feel more like a chore than a stimulating and engaging assignment. Automate repetitive tasks, remove unnecessary paperwork and provide the tools that make the job more enjoyable. It can be anything from buying new and faster equipment to expense management software for simplifying expense reporting.
  1. Stop and listen to your employees, let them contribute. Sometimes tension can be released with some whinging, and sometimes there may even be some constructive feedback and insight available.

A happy workforce that feels important and relevant is one that is productive, efficient and great at problem-solving.

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