3 Tips to Managing Business Expenses While Travelling

Business travel can easily eat away a large part of the profits if not handled correctly. Hotels, dinner, transportation; they can all quickly add up to quite substantial sums of money. But it does not always have to be like that, and there are several ways to minimise costs when on a business trip:

  1. Find hotel deals. Using pages like Orbitz, Expedia, Kayak or even Google Hotel Finder can help in finding the best deal for the dates you are travelling. It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes package deals can be the cheapest alternative even if you don’t use all the added services. If you can be flexible in your travel dates the price can be lowered even more. If a hotel has vacancies there may be room for negotiation; services like free breakfast or parking can sometimes be added free of charge.
  2. Get discounts by joining a loyalty program, or use existing memberships to get better prices. If you frequent a certain chain of hotels, or always fly with the same airline, they usually have some sort or program where you get points or a discount. Memberships like the AA or certain credit cards also offer members various discounts in hotels and restaurants.
  3. Set up virtual meetings. Often it’s not necessary to meet the client face-to-face, instead affairs can be settled via a video conference. Or if training staff in a different location, setting up a webinar can save both time and money. Utilise online services to move the meeting room to a virtual equivalent, and as an added benefit the client may consider your company progressive for using such alternatives.

Minimising expenses plays a big role in increasing profits, but it’s equally important to easily track business expenses. Using a system like ExpenseIn will make this simple, and reporting expenses will no longer be a chore. Saving money while travelling does not always lead to having to endure terrible hotels or cheap restaurants; with some planning your experience can even be more enjoyable while you pay less!

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