ExpenseIn is now Cyber Essentials accredited

With more and more crime being conducted in the digital space, it’s never been more important to be prepared and to be protected when it comes to the data and IT services connected to your organisation. At ExpenseIn we know the importance of top-level security, and that’s why we’re proud…Read more »

Expenses in motion: how technology is changing the modern work place

The march of technology is an inevitable, increasingly visible and accelerating aspect of modern life. Historically, businesses have always been somewhat reluctant to keep pace, often being dragged kicking and screaming into an unknown and risky future. The dynamic times in which we live are forcing many previously monolithic companies…Read more »

A paperless age for SMEs?

It’s been decades now since the advent of computers promised the paperless office. It seems, however, that paper has a certain stubborn quality and has managed thus far to confound all reports of its imminent demise. But with the arrival of cloud-based apps, that might finally be about to change….Read more »