Small Business Software Solutions

Expense management software isn’t the only business solution out there.

Just as once it was about getting the right printers and filing cabinets for your office, now it’s about getting the right software. Small businesses depend on being efficient and accurate in what they do, yet many of the ‘solutions’ out there are geared for big fish who are already well established. But that’s not to say that smart software for small enterprises isn’t out there.

Using ExpenseIn is a cost-saver that simplifies the otherwise complex task of managing expenses, from creating policies and capturing receipts to accessing records and digital tax filing – and there are also plenty of other great opportunities out there for small businesses to cut costs, smarten up their processes and replace paper.

Here are three great software solutions that we like.

Business plan

LivePlan is a tool that takes entrepreneurs through a step-by-step process for the setting up of their business, from its concept to strategy and pitch. It helps you formulate a clear and articulate business plan that includes budgeting and forecasts, brings the competition into the thinking, and encourages you to set achievable goals and milestones. You can use the software at any stage of your business’s development, but it really comes into its own if you’re in the early phases of a business enterprise.

Project management

Basecamp is a great suite of office tools that has features for organisation – charts, calendars and templates – internal communications, file sharing and project tracking. The real benefit of turning to Basecamp or similar tool is that you can shift your documents and records to the cloud, and move away from paper-based methods of office practice. As with ExpenseIn, this will result in reduced overheads and improved efficiency.

Human Resources

SMB is another web-based service that’s simple to use and great for better organisation in a key area of business operations. Not only will it help your HR department run smoothly, but your staff will benefit from being able to access their personal details at any time to find out about their remaining holiday, sick leave or company policy. As a business owner, you’ll also be able to track vacancies and candidates for hire, and view reports on your mobile.

If you are looking for ways to cut costs and simplify tasks, there are great solutions for just about every area of your business. With ExpenseIn, you’ll save on billable hours and become better in two key areas: expense management and tax optimisation.

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