ExpenseIn is now Cyber Essentials accredited

With more and more crime being conducted in the digital space, it’s never been more important to be prepared and to be protected when it comes to the data and IT services connected to your organisation. At ExpenseIn we know the importance of top-level security, and that’s why we’re proud…Read more »

How best to manage contractor expenses

If your company regularly uses contractors at events or for particular services, then it is important that you manage their expenses effectively. Contractors are often given expenses benefits including food allowances and travel reimbursement but these can be difficult to track. Failing to track these properly can lead to you…Read more »

What is GDPR and how are we preparing for it?

The General Data Protection Regulation is the single greatest change in data protection legislation since the EU Data Protection Initiative came into force in 1995. It is the result of four years’ work and aims to give people greater control over the ways their personal data is used while giving…Read more »